Amaranth Protein P1

Product Specification



A natural protein blend from amaranth seed obtained via a proprietary sustainable water based process which isolates the proteins leaving their native structure intact.  Known to the Aztecs as the "grain of the gods", amaranth is a perfectly balanced protein source rich in bioactive peptides.1


The unique protein blend in BPN Amaranth Protein has a film-forming/moisture retention effect which decreases transepidermal water loss and provides a conditioning layer.  Amaranth proteins are known to contain bioactives including lunasin analogues. These peptides have been shown to penetrate into cells more rapidly than their soy and wheat protein counterparts and to convey protective anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory effects.2


BPN Amaranth Protein is suitable for use in both skin and hair care products.

Recommended Useage Level: 0.5 - 5%

Typical Product Data

Appearance            Off white solid
Protein Content       70-90%
Molecular Weight    20, 30 and 50 kDa
Loss on drying        0-5%
Preservative            Nil
Ash                         10-15%
Aerobic Bacteria    <500 cfu/ml
Yeast                     <50 cfu/ml
Mould                    <50 cfu/ml
Pathogens            Not detected


In vitro studies investigating the effect of BPN Amaranth Protein on skin viability and inflammatory response in a 3D skin model has shown BPN Amaranth Protein to have skin protecting properties against damage caused by detergent.  A human skin trial performed on volunteers has shown BPN Amaranth Protein to have skin whitening properties when compared to vehicle. Ex vivo studies on hair has shown BPN Amaranth Protein to offer a protective effect against chemically induced damage.

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Vinanza® PF1 - natural skin brightening and hair strengthening ingredient for personal care formulations .

Product Information

1. Silva-Sánchez, C. et al. Bioactive Peptides in Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) Seed. J. Agric. Food Chem. 2008, 56, 1233–1240.
2. Cervantes, E. et al. Amaranth lunasin-like peptide internalizes into the cell nucleus and inhibits chemical carcinogen-induced transformation of NIH-3T3 cells. Peptides 2010, 31, 1635–

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