Amaranth Starch


Product Specification



BPN amaranth starch is an all natural product extracted from amaranth seed using a proprietary water-based process. Amaranth starch granules are unique due to their small size (approximately 1 micron) and regular shape and can be used in a range of non-food and food applications.


Amaranth starch has a soft and silky feel making it an ideal base for a large range of cosmetic powders including face powders, body powders, and eye shadow.  

Typical Product Data

White Powder
 Starch  >87%
 Moisture  <10%
 Ash  <0.5%
 Protein  <1.2%
 Pentosan  <0.5%
 Fat  <1.0%

Figure 1: SEM of Amaranth starch extracted by BPN proprietary process
Amaranth starch extracted by BPN’s new method has a typical peak viscosity of 3489 cP. Starches extracted by acid gave higher starch yields but showed lower peak viscosity of 1261 cP while starch from the solvent extraction gave slightly lower yields and had much lower peak viscosity of 1998 cP. Starch produced by SDS extraction also gave slightly lower yields and showed higher peak viscosity of 4269 cP, this could be due to the presence of SDS in the starch which could not be washed out completely.
Additional information (e.g. pasting properties) is available on request.


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