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Every once in awhile, a new technology, an old problem,
and a big idea turn into an innovation.

Dean Kamen

Utilising NZ’s resources BPN’s research has been focused on meeting the growing global consumer demand for green sustainable products. We source environmentally responsible alternatives from sustainably sourced plant-derived material using natural extraction processes with scientifically proven functionality.



ZealaFoam ®

Polystyrene foam is widely used in packaging with some key advantages – it is low cost, light weight, has excellent insulating and impact resistant properties and these attributes have  led to huge demand – global production is over 5 million tons.

However it is a petroleum derived plastic and it does have limited end of life options, leading a number of countries to introduce legislation to either limit or penalise the use of polystyrene.  As consumer demand grows for a more responsible approach and a reduction in the use of petrochemicals, a global search is underway for more sustainable alternatives for single use packaging. 

BPN’s ZealaFoam® is a revolutionary new technology manufactured from sustainable plant material which can be industrially biodegraded, is a functional alternative to polystyrene in a broad variety of solutions Read more

ZealaFoam’s excellent insulating and impact resistant properties make it ideal for the transportation of fresh and chilled produce.

EcoBeans for Loose Fill

BPN’s EcoBeans make great loose fill packaging. Made from ZealaFoam® these balls pour easily into boxes supporting and cushioning your products during transportation.  When you’re finished with them they can be burnt or industrially composted.


ZealaFoam® Lightweight Printable Film

The ZealaFoam® films are both light and strong: an improved specific strength in comparison to solid PLA films. The films have a smooth and shiny surface which can be printed on. The PLA grade and processing parameters can be manipulated to tailor properties for specific applications. read more…  


Home & Leisure

Bean Bag Fill

EcoBeans – Big Balls for Bean Bags

Made from sustainable plant material with no petrochemicals using our ZealaFoam® technology developed right here in New Zealand.  With natural durable support our large EcoBeans hold their shape for longer make it easy to fill bean bags - no waste or hassles with cleaning up or disposal. EcoBeans can be safely burnt or disposed of through industrial composting.

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Helmets have a limited shelf life and must be replaced on a regular basis in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranties.  Our ZealaFoam® technology manufactured from plant-based material is ideally placed to meet the stringent safety requirements whilst addressing the growing demand for green sustainable products containing no harmful chemicals.


Bee Boxes

Bees are amazing creatures which have adapted to very diverse environments.  They have the ability to both heat and cool their hives to maintain a constant temperature.  However this takes energy from the hive and better insulation of their accommodation delivers less stress for the inhabitants providing better hive health and greater levels of production. The majority of beehives are made from wood and maintaining a consistent temperature is difficult.  More recently polystyrene has been tried as it is much lighter and has better insulation properties.   ZealaFoam® provides the same insulation advantages as polystyrene while offering a sustainably sourced plant-derived alternative.

Single Use Picnicware

We are developing waterproof fully bio-based composites for plates that will withstand moisture and heat and are still compostable after use. 


ZealaFoam is an ideal alternative to polystyrene for use in toys.  Talk to us today…

Harakeke Decorative Tiles

The BPN team has come up with innovative ways to use harakeke fibre, such as creating fibre mat composites, decorative tiles, a prototype harakeke fibre surfboard, (with fibre added via a decorative mat laminate), and fibre reinforced bio-plastics. read more…


Natural Wellbeing

Demand for natural care products has spread to the four corners of the world. However there is a great deal of confusion about what actually is natural and organic.  This has resulted from a high level of false marketing claims and mislabelling with many products carrying natural and organic labels on the basis of a small amount of natural ingredients whilst still containing potentially harmful synthetic chemicals.

BPN’s research has focused on addressing the growing consumer concern about chemicals in cosmetics and toiletries and meeting the consequent demand for environmentally responsible alternatives using sustainably sourced plant-based material.  Our natural extraction processes have scientifically proven functionality.

Currently our main areas of focus are skin and hair care.


  1. UV protection
  2. Anti-microbial
  3. Anti-oxidant
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Anti-protease
  6. Moisture retention
  7. Skin whitening, reduction in melanin


We are developing protein extracts for hair conditioning and to repair and restore perm-damaged hair

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Industrial Innovations

Liquid CO2 Processing

BPN pioneered the application of liquid CO2 at subcritical conditions to modify polylactic acid enabling it to be foamed.  This led to the creation of ZealaFoam®.  We have extensive expertise and equipment for industrial scale liquid CO2 processing this covers impregnation of bio-based plastics, natural fibres and odour extraction. We can work with you in your factory assisting you to adapt your machinery to use this process.

Bio-based Composites

Animal Orthotics (Shoes)

Currently these tend to be left in the paddock where they fall so there is a demand for high performance bio-based materials which will degrade leaving no unnatural chemical compounds behind.

Tannin Additives for Plastics, Foams and Coatings

BPN has developed technologies to disperse and compatibilise tannin extracts in a wide range of polymer systems, including polyolefins as well as more polar polymers, to attain desired functional attributes. In addition novel derivatisation and co-reaction chemistries have been developed for many polymer and additive applications.  Uses explored include clear coats, polyurethane resins and various plastic films including PVC and LDPE.