Harakeke Fibre

The Biopolymer Network has created a harakeke fibre to replace fibreglass in composites which give them their strength and stiffness. This technology could be employed in a number of applications such as boat cabinetry, automotive parts, kitchen or bathroom use and bench tops. Biopolymer Networks harakeke fibre surfboard was created to demonstrate that it is possible to make a water-resistant composite material using bio-materials, and to show real life, everyday applications of scientific research. 

Another fibre development by the Biopolymer Network is the development of a new material in partnership with celebrated artist and furniture maker, David Trubridge. The material, a composite developed specifically for this project using bioplastic (polylactic acid) and harakeke fibre (New Zealand flax) has drawn attention to the possibilities offered by new biomaterials. His extraordinary lamp constructed from the new material demonstrates the beauty and pliability of bioplastics combined with natural fibres.  The lamp design, named Tipu, stands two metres in diameter. It was unveiled at the prestigious Hawke's Bay Invitational art exhibition and sold on the first night.

Surfboard Project Report
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Harakeke fibre & harakeke rod for sale.

Contact details:
Peter Brorens
(03) 321-8764

We have existing stock of 12.5mm

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