BPN’s Bioresins work is focused on using New Zealand’s biological resources as functional or reactive components in biobased resins that may be used in composites, coatings and foams. Polyphenolic, polysaccharide and protein resources are being variously developed with an emphasis on the use of pine bark polyphenols as a precursor or ingredient. Pine bark is a unique source of tannin polyphenolics, which can impart high thermal, mechanical and durability properties, not available in many biobased polymers available today. BPN’s technologies can variously derivatise tannins and/or use them directly to make reactive or crosslinkable resins or ingredients. These include phenolic resins, unsaturated polyesters, alkyds, polyurethanes and others. Some derivatives (as well as the extracts) are also useful as functional additives in a wider range of polymer formulations and applications. Their multi-functionality allows unique combinations of reactive groups and/or functions.

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