Leading the way to a sustainable bio-based world

There are clear international trends for greater use of biologically based materials to substitute for those derived from petro-chemicals. New Zealand's rich heritage of quality biologically based raw materials and bio-manufacturing innovation provides New Zealand with a special opportunity to secure a significant role in the global trend of creating high performance products from bio-based materials.

Biopolymer Network has through original research, developed and continues to develop its portfolio of intellectual property in biopolymers, bio-based specialty chemicals, bio-composites, bio-foams and moulded structures. With our key partners we are actively taking these products into the market place both to achieve our vision and to create wealth.

The Biopolymer Network's research base is built from three of New Zealand's largest and leading research organisations, Agresearch, Plant and Food Research and Scion. This provides us with world leading scientific expertise and the largest focused research effort in this area in New Zealand.

Two major themes provide our focus:

Creating new specialty bio-based chemicals and biopolymers

Natural extracts have the potential to outperform synthetics in their functionality. Based on materials from trees and plants we have developed products that can compete in applications for cosmetics, adhesives, coatings and plastic additives.

Creating new fibre, resin and foam bio-products

Materials derived from plants and trees can produce high performance products for applications as wide ranging as furniture, boat building, packaging materials, textiles, amenity and leisure products.
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